Brotherhood of the wolf


Movie Name: Brotherhood of the wolf
IMDb Rating: 7/10 
Quality: 720p
Language: French
DirectorChristophe Gans
StarsSamuel Le Bihan, Mark Dacascos, Monica Bellucci
GenresAction, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Something was stalking the central French mountains in 1764. A ferocious 'beast' that pounced on humans and animals alike. Indeed, the beast had become so well-known that the King of France dispatched envoys to investigate what was going on and to assassinate the beast. Over 100 people were killed by the Beast of Gevaudan by the end. Nobody knows what it was, a wolf, a hyena, or something else entirely. or is there something supernatural going on? The Beast is a popular myth in France, though one that is firmly grounded in reality; surprisingly, it is little known outside of France, and it has never been made into a film. Until now, that is. The film, which is based on the true story of the Beast of the Gevaudan, which terrorized France in the eighteenth century, aims to tell first and then explain. In the first part, a special envoy of the King of France arrives in the Gevaudan region, in the mountainous central part of France, as a biologist, explorer, and philosopher. For months, the Beast has been attacking women and children, with no one able to harm it or even get a good look at it. In the second part, our hero Chevalier de Fronsac will face not only the Beast, but also ignorance, bigotry, and conspiracy, and will enlist the help of two women, one an aristocrat and the other a prostitute, as well as the mysterious Mani, an Iroquois he met in New-France.



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